Delivery Information

Delivery and Acceptance

1. Upon completion of the Project, the Client shall make full payment of the Fees to the Developer upon which the Developer shall deliver the completed Website to the Client through the Client’s server.

2. Contact the our customer care to let them know that you wish to cancel your order, or return or exchange a pIf the Client requires the completed Website to be loaded onto an external fileserver, the Developer reserves the right to charge additional fees to the Client for this service. The Client is responsible for ensuring that the intended fileserver or disk space is properly configured. The Developer will not load the completed Project onto a publicly available fileserver or disk space on such a fileserver until the Client has complied with the condition laid out in clause.

3. Once the Developer has delivered the Website to the Client, the Client shall have a period of 10 working days (the “Acceptance Test Period”) to test the Website to ensure it conforms to the Project Specification (the “Acceptance Test”). Acceptance of the Website may only be withheld by the Client if it can demonstrate that the Website does not conform materially to the Project Specification. Upon completion of the Acceptance Test, the Client shall confirm in writing to the Developer that the Project is complete (the “Project Release”).

4. Acceptance of the Website shall be deemed to have taken place upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

(a) the expiry of the Acceptance Test Period and the Client has not raised with the Developer any material differences between the Website and the Project Specification; or

(b) the Client uses any part of the Website other than for test purposes.

5. Upon receipt of the Project Release or deemed acceptance, the Developer shall have no further obligations to undertake any work in relation to the Project. The Client may however request that the Developer undertake further work relating directly or indirectly to the Project. If it agrees to undertake such work, the Developer reserves the right to charge the Client for any additional work carried out at its standard rates from time to time.