Backup & RecoveryBackup & Recovery

An important part of business is having a secure off-site back-up of the organization’s data. Antivirus Technical Support believe every aspect of a business should have an effective and efficient back-up plan, which can be accessed and implemented in the event of a problem which may have occurred in the office. We at Antivirus Technical Support will provide real-time secure back- up plan. We guarantee a 100% return of backed up data of your business and will recover all necessary information

requested. Your systems will be protected around the clock ensuring you to carry out your daily activities in peace. We can monitor the entire backup process from our office with an Internet connection. One of the many benefits of using Antivirus Technical Support is that our backup/recovery system would minimise the need for frequent on-site visits. Antivirus Technical Support will advise you on the most efficient and cost effective method to protect your IT systems and software in the event of a disaster.

You lost your Computer data? Don’t worry, Antivirus Technical Support representatives are just a click away.